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Why Chic


Fashionable Chic

Chic has not only R&D team, but also fashionable design team. Chic means fashionable, reliable, customizable and trustable. Chic stands for durability, reliability, security and usability.

Reliable Chic

Chic is very strict with quality. In Chic, we think quality is more important than quantity. 3 stages guarantee the quality:

Before assembling: 100% checking spare parts from the suppliers;

During assembling: All production processes must be checked as per standards.

After assembling but before packing: Over-charge testing, discharging testing, charging testing and ect.

Customizable Chic

Chic not only supply OEM&ODM, but also supply customizable design for you. Chic design team also can provide individual products as per your markets.

Trustable Chic

Chic insists on good quality. In Chic, we can call it that “never sell chic for short-term gain”. Chic never uses second-hand cell battery to make our price competitive. Chic never marks unreal capacity on our products. Chic is not a “cheapest” company, but Chic tries best to be reliable partner. Chic understands that long-term-cooperation with his partners is the key of development of Chic.